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    Super PACs and the Impact They Have On U.S. Politics

    In the year 1944, the Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO) established the first Political Action Committee or the PAC for the purpose of raising funds for the re-appointment of Franklin D Roosevelt as the president. Over the years, the PAC has come to signify a kind of political committee that raises funds in order to cater to the expenses related to the electing and defeating a particular candidate.

    What Are Super PACs All About?

    Built on the premises of the PAC, the Super PAC gained prominence in the year 2010 post the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Speechnow.org vs FEC case. According to the decision, the Super PAC will not make any kinds of grants to political parties or to the candidates. They are, however, at perfect liberty to indulge in independent investments in federal groups. These unlimited investment options include election campaigns, establishing communication, advocating a particular candidate and the like.

    Impact of Super PACs on U.S. Politics

    According to the judgement passed in the Speechnow.org vs FEC case, the government can have absolutely no hold on the independent expenses of corporations made for political objectives. Super PACs, however, have been subjected to certain restrictions. Not only are they restrained from regulating with the concerned candidates, they are also required to disclose the identity of their donors.

    The question that now arises here is what has been the impact of the entire Super PAC deal on the political ambiance of the U.S.? Ever since the judgement of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Super PACs have made a move in favor of certain issues- prominent among them being advocating the Republican presidential candidate. Those in favor of Super PACs justify that since the candidates are restricted from establishing coordination with them, free speech that has been protected by the First Amendment is an absolutely just scheme.

    However, there is a certain section that disagrees with the entire thing in the light of the $2 billion that is being spent by the Super PACs on the imminent presidential election. The warning that restricts super PACs from coordinating with the candidates has also been put down as being next to impossible by this section.

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    How To Write And Publish Books And Magazines Online

    There are many people who have always wanted to write and publish their own books or magazine on the internet.  To be able to take something that you know and provide it to other people while making some additional money is a dream of many.  Today it is easier than ever before to actually make this a reality.  There are a few steps to write and publish on the internet today that you will need to know.

    Being able to write in a clear way that communicates will be something you will have to work on.  It doesn’t have to be perfect but does need to be clear.  Many people will use online writing forums to help get quality critiques of their work while they are in the writing process.  This means putting up a chapter at a time for others to take a look at and leave feedback.  This can give you the ability to make corrections before getting the whole book done.  Having online forums, local writing groups, a mentor, or someone who had written books and articles previously will help you with your writing.

    When your book or magazine is finished, it will be time to consider publishing.  Many people want to be published from a larger company with a traditional contract.  If that is something you are willing to try, be ready for rejection.  But most people today will publish books, magazine, and periodicals on their own since self publishing is pretty easy. If you want to know more about how to publish a magazine online check out seagiraffemag.com

    What are the self publishing options to consider?

    Most people for books are using Amazon and publishing for the Kindle which works on computers, tablets, and phones.  With the Kindle, you can take your writing from even a normal Word document upload it along with a cover and have your work ready for sale within minutes.  They have plenty of helpful information to help out if you get stuck.

    For printed books, many people use services like Lulu or Smashwords.  These services allow you to sell digital copies as well as print copies of your books.  It is easy to set up and is extremely low cost to get your first book ready. Check out this article on Publishing a Children’s Book Online to learn more about the process.

    For those more interested in publishing magazines, most people who are starting out today are focusing on publications for the smartphone.  There are a number of apps that you can take your full color PDF and put it into the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for people to buy and read.  You can also sell your full color PDF as a magazine to other people online.

    Generally speaking, it is best to not get too caught up in all the details.  There are so many tools today that getting your first work published is easy.  If you have success from people who love what you are doing, you can consider a more professional route to your writing career.  Until then, take advantage of the many options that you do have for writing your own books and magazines.

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    Super PACs and Tracking Apps

    Politics finds a way to get into everyone’s lives; everyone has an opinion and thinks that you should listen to it. We get political rhetoric thrown at us from every angle, billboards, radio, newspaper and of course the TV. Now whether or not we believe what these adverts say, we definitely see them, and that costs. One of the most powerful influences in the recent campaigns has been the Super PACs.

    The Super PAC, or Political Action Committee, is an independent organisation that is allowed to collect an unlimited amount of money from any individual or organisation. So in the past a traditional candidate PAC could only accept up to $2500 per individual per election, and none from organisations such as businesses or unions. These restriction being lifted, the influence of wealthy individual and the impact of business on Super PACs has been enormous.

    Millions and millions of dollars are now being poured into political campaigning, and it has shown. Most political pundits agree that these super wealthy Super PACs influenced the 2012 election. Of course no one agrees on how much, but they were definitely a factor. So now when we are all worried about the influence of big business and the 1% on our country and lives, it is very important to know who’s paying for the message you’re watching.

    There are a number of Apps available that can help you with this. Ad Hawk and the Super PAC App stand out from the crowd. Available for both iPhone and Android, these apps will let you find out all the information about the Super PAC funding an advert. Simply let the app listen to the advert, and it will compare the audio to its database. Seconds later you get all the information about that add and its funders. You’ll get to see who made, how much it cost and what political party they are associated with. Some websites will do the same thing, such as OpenSecrets.org. Find out who is spending the big money before spending your vote, what you find out may change your mind.

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    Infuence Of Technology On E-Voting

    For a long period of time, the ideal voting system used by key world governments has been ballot paper. However advancement in technology has resulted to emergence of electronic voter systems. At its inception, the systems were based primitive technology, such as punch cards, optical scanners and transmitting results via dedicated network channels. This systems however were vulnerable to easy manipulation and hence distrusted by many people. Fortunately further technological improvement has led to the emergence of DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) voter systems. An ATM like machine is used as the vote casting terminal. Thumbs prints and facial recognition are then used to identify valid voters. So how exactly does this type of technology influence the voting process?

    Reduced Voting Period

    Paper voting demand a human clerks to verify the identity of voters, a process which can take 5-10 minutes. Now considering a population of millions of voters, it takes at least two days to complete the whole voting process. However with e-voting, the verification process takes microseconds, making it possible to complete voting in less than 24 hours. The tallying of votes also happens progressively in a real time manner. Paper systems on the other hand, have to wait for all votes to be cast, before any counting begins. Simply put, e-voting systems like the DRE can guarantee provisional poll results as soon as the vote casting process is complete.

    Early preparation

    The efficiency of an e-voting system is determined by the installation strategies used. A government intending to administer such technology requires to collect voter data and feed them to a central database at least a year before the election date. The system also has to be tested over a long period of time to ensure its consistency and integrity. Paper based systems on the hand required minimal preparation periods, since the only critical task involved is that training the election clerks and support team.

  • Incontinence: Overview and Causes

    Whаt iѕ incontinence?
    Incontinence iѕ a term thаt describes аnу accidental оr involuntary loss оf urine frоm thе bladder (urinary incontinence) оr bowel motion, faeces оr wind frоm thе bowel (faecal оr bowel incontinence). Find here Specialty Adult Plastic Pants


    Incontinence iѕ a widespread condition thаt ranges in severity frоm ‘just a small leak’ tо complete loss оf bladder оr bowel control. In fact, оvеr 4.8 million Australians hаvе bladder оr bowel control problems fоr a variety оf reasons. Incontinence саn bе treated аnd managed.  In mаnу cases it саn аlѕо bе cured.
    Article source: continence.org.au/pages/what-is-incontinence.html
    Stress Incontinence
    Stress incontinence occurs during physical activity; urine leaks оut оf thе bоdу whеn thе abdominal muscles contract, leading tо аn increase in intra-abdominal pressure (for example, whеn sneezing, laughing, оr еvеn standing uр frоm a seated position). Stress incontinence iѕ mоѕt commonly caused whеn thе urethra (the tube frоm thе bladder tо thе оutѕidе оf thе body) iѕ hypermobile bесаuѕе оf problems with thе muscles оf thе pelvis. A lеѕѕ common саuѕе оf stress incontinence iѕ a muscle defect in thе urethra knоwn аѕ intrinsic sphincter deficiency. Thе sphincter iѕ a muscle thаt closes оff thе urethra аnd prevents urine frоm leaving thе bladder аnd passing thrоugh thе urethra tо thе оutѕidе оf thе body. If thiѕ muscle iѕ damaged оr deficient, urine саn leak оut оf thе bladder. Obviously, ѕоmе people mау hаvе both.

    FAQ: Why a diabetic patient should carry diabetic bags?
    Stress incontinence iѕ thе mоѕt common type оf bladder control problem in younger аnd middle-aged women. In ѕоmе cases, it iѕ related tо pregnancy аnd childbirth. It mау аlѕо begin аrоund thе timе оf menopause. Stress incontinence affects 15% tо 60% оf women аnd саn affect young аnd older people. It iѕ еѕресiаllу common in young female athletes whо hаvе nеvеr givеn birth, аnd it occurs whilе thеу аrе participating in sports.
    Urge Incontinence
    People with urge incontinence саnnоt hold thеir urine lоng еnоugh tо gеt tо thе toilet in time; it iѕ аlѕо called overactive bladder. Healthy people саn hаvе urge incontinence, but it iѕ оftеn found in elderly people оr in thоѕе whо hаvе diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, оr multiple sclerosis.
    Urge incontinence occurs due tо overactivity оf thе bladder wall muscle (the detrusor). Urge incontinence mау bе caused bу a problem with thе muscle, with thе nerves thаt control thе muscle, оr both. If thе саuѕе iѕ unknown, it iѕ called idiopathic urge incontinence. Overactive bladder, оr urge incontinence, withоut neurologic саuѕеѕ iѕ called detrusor instability, meaning thе muscle itѕеlf contracts inappropriately.

    Risk factors fоr urge incontinence include aging, obstructions tо urine flow (such аѕ аn enlarged prostate), аnd consumption оf so-called bladder irritants (such аѕ coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, аnd acidic fruit juices).

    Mixed Incontinence
    Mixed incontinence iѕ caused bу a combination оf stress аnd urge incontinence. In mixed incontinence, thе muscle controlling thе outflow оf thе bladder (the sphincter) iѕ weak, аnd thе detrusor muscle iѕ overactive. Common combinations involve hypermobile urethra аnd detrusor instability.
    Article source: emedicinehealth.com/incontinence/page2_em.htm#urinary_incontinence_causes

  • Really Good Real Estate Property Expense Suggestions And Guidance

    Real estate property is amongst the most popular forms of committing, but it really does have its dangers that you have to watch out for. Regardless if you are a highly skilled trader or a novice, knowing these problems are often very valuable. These tips will help you grow to be extremely rewarding.

    Should you be thinking of real estate property purchase like Dean Graziosi, then you need to consider just what type of personal time you are likely to put in property managing. Issues with renters could help keep you really active. Before it will become overwhelming, it could be a smart selection to obtain the aid of a business who can handle property managing for yourself.

    Don’t acquire really cheap attributes. Regardless of whether you’re thinking it’s an excellent cost, the property might be saddled with you for a long time because nobody will want it. Even though it may cost far more, investing in a great home will comparable to cash flow.

    When conducting a house enhancement which requires digging, phone to ascertain if buried lines are provide. You will find legal issues involved with digging in many locations, and you should also steer clear of property injuries.

    You would like to actually can restore your expenditure, in addition some income. If you can to invest in qualities just to have the money-back you spent, you’ll be putting things off which costs you. Makeovers should arise plus your price ought to be much earlier mentioned your cost to guarantee the return.

    Positive you could potentially broaden your collection with real-estate round the county, why not appearance farther afield? Have you considered the following county, condition or even abroad? You might find places in the area that are great investment options. At least, you might want to think of starting up in your area.

    Location may be the main ingredient that will influence your real estate choices. Bad complexes on superb residence are much better to get than good residences in inadequate places. You wish to take into account the potential from the expenditure as well as the place as well.

    Before making an actual estate purchase, fully familiarize yourself with your local govt. Most cities come with an official site. Looking up town planning particulars will tell you if residence principles will rise or tumble. A major city that’s growing is an excellent point to invest in.

    Should you wish to spend money on several home as time passes, attempt getting them in a one geographical location. This can help you by reduction of your time and efforts and petrol costs as you may vacation between the distinct attributes. It can also help you become an authority when it comes to the marketplace for the reason that particular region.

    Sign-up using a respected property foreclosure itemizing services to be able to learn about prospective discounts when they surface area. This saves you precious time as an alternative to dealing with a great deal of connection with local courthouses, lenders and brokers. These are usually updated, which suggests your searches are often more exact.

    Don’t invest all your money the exact acquire. Given that real-estate is continually changing to due to the changing trading markets, it is essential that you make smart business selections that leave you with funds on palm just in case some thing unexpected pops up. When you don’t, you’re gonna be sorry in the end.

    Begin with one purchase. When you are new, you will only desire to get your ft drenched. Choose one residence and extremely deal with it to develop a solid purchase technique. It will help you with your future investments.

    It won’t take very long before you realize real estate committing is a complex procedure. Being aware of possible problems upfront will be your finest strategy. Maintain these guidelines in mind to become productive in actual property.

  • Steps To Take To Avoid Games

    The last three steps—Ten, Eleven, and Twelve—are maintenance steps. After you make amends and some real changes in yourself, these three steps tell you to take personal inventory on a daily basis—to stay aware, keep yourself in check, and not let yourself be the ball player who thinks he has the game won before the final whistle. You improve your spiritual life. Then you reach out and help other people. You can become a sponsor, lead a meeting, and do service in the program in some other way. If you can’t put your mind into a meaningful state, then you’re throwing away what progress you’ve made. Don’t get complacent; that’s what fighting relapse is about.


    I kept bothering Sheila about my earnings that she was harboring, and one day she gave in to frustration. She took fifty dollars from our food envelope and almost threw it at me as if to say, “Go to hell!” I was talking about having two dollars to bet on each race, but then I realized I would bet two dollars on the first race and then in the second race I would bet the other forty-eight. I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself. It was like some kind of spiritual awakening.

    Before I had committed myself to this so-called twelve-step program, in a meeting they mentioned something called a “pressure relief” group. I certainly knew about pressure. I owed $16,000. Today people come in owing a million or more. In those years, $16,000 for me was three years’ salary. To me, what could “pressure relief” mean but that they were going to give me money? How foolish. What they were talking about was a budget meeting, and I had to bring my wife. They wanted me to put our life into financial order so Sheila and I could live together like human beings: paying our living expenses, paying off our debts—debts I ran up—while still being able to go to the movies and even take a vacation. It was a lofty concept. At least that’s what I thought at the time; living responsibly didn’t come naturally.

    The pressure relief group told us we could do it. For the gambler, this is usually the first time he or she knows how much the electric bill is, how much food costs, or what it costs to get your kid’s hair cut because he or she hasn’t looked at anything like that, ever. Bills are what other people have to pay. Money is for the bet; bills will take care of themselves . . . later. Then make sure to view yorkvillemediacentre.com/online-casino for bonuses. The gambler has to face this strange new reality and way of thinking. It doesn’t come naturally.

  • Recovery of Data Information

    You spends hours upon hours working on your project which is due at midnight for a grade that will ultimately decide your future career and at the last minute, your computer crashes. With the blink of an eye, all your work has been lost and you sit there devastated at what just happened. Well there is no reason to be fear because there are ways to recover your data even if you have a broken computer, or specifically a broken hard drive.

    Generally, there are two main reason why one would need to recover their data. Either there has been physical damage or logical damage. Physical damage, as one may guess, is when the physical components of the computer is damaged. This physical malfunction causes a disturbance in the circuitry of the computer machine, ultimately causing it to crash and break.

    Logical damage consists of two scenarios. The first is a corruption of data. If one has seen the “blue screen of death” as it is infamously known to be the screen that basically tells you that your data has been corrupted. This could be because you have far too many anti-virus software installed on your machine which is a conflict of interest for the machine. Another reason would be because the partitions that have been created in the machine are corrupted themselves, which would require some meticulous work. http://abc-raid.co.uk/server-recovery-service/ will help you with that. The second scenario of logical damage is when a person overwrites their previous memory. This is usually a go-to solution when a computer or hard drive is logically corrupted because it is relatively easy to do without spending a lot of money. We now know how data is lost, so now let’s dive into how one would recover their lost data.

    The simplest way to recover data is to use a data recovery software. Generally, there are four main stages to recovering lost software. First, one must repair the broken drive. If the damage is physical in nature, then careful rehabilitation of the damaged component may allow one to recover their data. If it is a logical damage then it is best to use a software to recover the data. The second stage is to copy the drive to a more stable housing. This will make the rest of the recovery process a lot easier and smoother.

    The third stage is to fix logical corruptions. This is done by correcting the partition that is corrupted and copying the partition to another stable device. Once the files have been retrieved and copied to a stable device, you can now begin to repair them. Once repaired, the files are successfully retrieved and can now be accessed.

    Losing files, whether it be due to physical damage or systematic and logistic damage, is the worst possible situation one may encounter. Although some people do not back up their files, this non-proactive attitude can lead to one losing their files. Even if this is the case there are ways one can use to retrieve those lost files.

  • Black magic Pocket Cinema Camera is fantastic

    Black magic Pocket Cinema Camera is fantastic. Got myself a lumix 14 mm lens for starters at 250 euros. Distorts, but I can undistorted in post. I shoot handheld, doing lot’s of camera solves. I can stabilize in post, but due to motion blur, the footage will look ugly… So I needed some kind of a hardware stabilizer. Was thinking of going for a zoom lens with OIS… Currently some compatibility issues. I mean Panasonic OIS lenses with a BMPCC .. not all work. I found this information from PommettPhotography.com.
    Got myself a 2 axis gimbal. Stealthy enough for my needs, like only one hand needed for some casual shooting.
    Some things bad about BMPCC… Need a lot of fast sd cards and batteries.
    Edit (at the beginning of 2014)…Now I have some experience with the gimbal, so wanted to update this post…
    So it stabilizes roll and pitch (tilt). Yaw (pan) is not stabilized. Two axis is ok, if you stand still. I don’t recommend shooting while walking. You can try bicycle or rollerblades (so in addition to pitch and roll you would get smooth positional data for up and down and maybe even for sideways and front-back 3D positions too). Even if you have a three axis gimbal, you still need to get rid of the three positional vibrations/movements (x, y and z), so when possible, use wheels etc.
    In addition to the hardware stabilization, it’s a good idea to stabilize a bit in post (using your favorite software). This results in pitch and roll being smooth as silk. Yaw on the other hand has a lot of wide shake (you can get rid of the small jitters), no way around it, unless you want ugly/blurry image (from motion blur). I’m now considering to upgrade to a three axis gimbal.
    On Tuesday, I’m going to be shooting a conference with a Lumix Gh3. 
    I’ve shot fiction before but here we don’t need to do lighting and the camera will mostly be on a tripod aimed at the stage but I’m going to be in charge of it just by myself. I was wondering if anyone has any tips.
    Besides framing, setting the fps, iris, shutter speed and putting it in focus is there anything I need to know?
    The speakers will probably be speaking for 2 or 3 hours straight before the lunch and dinner breaks. I wonder if the memory cards and batteries will last that long.
    Any help will come in handy guys. Thanks in advance. Thanks, Bird. I’m going to check out the place today, I’ll make sure we have enough plugs and extenders. 
    I’m only getting the camera one hour before the conference starts so testing it out isn’t an option. There will be another camera though so I’ll make sure that at least one of them is rolling at all times.
    As for sound, we’ll be taking the sound that the conference people will be recording so we don’t have to worry about it. If we record anything, it’s just so we can synch everything up afterwards.

  • Overview on Benefits of Aquaponics

    Overview on Benefits of Aquaponics

    Natural creativity seems to be limitless. One of the proofs is the combination of agriculture and hydroponics which is termed as aquaponics. If there is
    one thing that anyone would love about this type of gardening or farming, it is the production of two different agricultural products- fishes and crops.
    Since they are natural, we also love eating fresh and healthy product as the outcome of the system. For enlightenment, here are the benefits of aquaponics

    No soil mess.
    Unlike with traditional garden where in you have to till and weed the soil, aquaponics does not require the grower to utilize soil. You can get aquaponics supplies, fast if you want. In short, this system
    can still be successful even in non-productive land. Moreover, there is also no need for you to remove weeds from the soil or upgrade it for fertilization.

    Energy efficient.
    With aquaponics system, you need low energy compared to traditional farming. Exerts found out that the overall energy you utilize is seventy percent less
    compared with traditional types of farming where fuels and fertilizers are utilized. Moreover, the grower also generates 2 percent of water that is
    utilized in traditional farming.


    Among all the benefits of aquaponics, the most essential is the production of organic foods. Traditional garden is usually incorporated by fertilizers in
    order to t maximize the growth of the plants. In aquaponics, you cannot use pesticides and other harmful chemicals because they can kill the fishes.
    Because of this, you can enjoy organic produce in the harvest season.

    Clean tanks.
    You don’t have to deal with the task of cleaning the fishbowls. In addition, you are not also required to change the water in the system. The plants are
    capable of cleaning the environment before the re- circulation takes place. In this way, it creates fresh water supply which will result to healthier
    fishes. They also tend to thrive longer when they are in the aquaponics system than in traditional fish tanks. Conversely, the plants also benefit from the
    process since they obtain their nutrients directly from the water.

    Who can say that the benefits of aquaponics are more on foods for the family? Another advantage of aquaponics system is that it can be utilized as a
    teaching tool for the kids. You might want to teach them the importance of growing their own food and how to become a good steward of nature.

    Faster plants growth.
    With aquaponics system, your plants are capable of growing twice compared with soil garden. In fact, the growth of plants in the system is not affected by
    the season.

    With the benefits of aquaponics cited above, it is fair that we conclude it as a great investment. In addition to its benefit for the physical
    sustainability of the family, it is also an agent of evangelizing people about the importance of nature being a source of food and how to get the most out
    of them. By providing an avenue for learners, responsible stewardship of nature is still the bottom line.

  • Getting Results With A Personal Injury Solicitor That Is Effective

    Liability refers to how bad the action is, the evidence, and the facts of the case. Another thing that one needs to find out is the rights on has. They are the most common of the tort cases in court. The first thing you will be required to do after having a car accident is to contact the insurance company. The thing you must do is hire a personal injury solicitor if ever are involved in an accident and suffer an injury.

    A person who is actually damaged might obtain typically the damages on the defaulter, he or she is likely to help get the payment. More often with the lawyer present you can get a settlement that covers medical and rehabilitation expenses. Because this will help you stay positive Be appreciative of the things you already have. They assist the people to get the compensation for which they have lost or damaged due to the accident. The procedure for making a personal injury lawyer claim is mostly focused on the injuries and medical treatment that you received. I had a case once involving a child who was brain damaged. Property damage is another type of case which comes under personal injury solicitors domain in Ireland. The right attorney will understand the impact that such a tragedy can have, and will be sympathetic and compassionate towards all those involved.

    A lawyer will determine if a person is legally eligible to seek financial compensation for personal injury lawyer. A lawyer will determine if a person is legally eligible to seek financial compensation for personal injury. You must be wondering when you exactly need to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer New York. A lawyer can help determine who is at fault for your injury and how much compensation you are entitled to. You need to make sure that it will work the way the manufacturer says it will as a victim of a personal injury lawyer accident. There are various Dublin personal injury solicitors available who can help you determine the eligibility of your case to fall under the personal injury lawyer claims.

    No one can put a price on this. Your injury lawyer will be sure to cover any lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages in his claim. Your injury claim is for past and future medical bills, lost wages and pain, suffering, distress etc. A lien obliges your attorney to make a payment on the money owed out of any settlement or court award you receive. A lawyer can help clients receive compensation for pain, so they can move on with your life. you are favoring money over safety, money over lives, money over health, and that has not right. A number of successful cases handled by the personal injury lawyer in New York would add to the confidence of the victim.

    automobile accident is sometimes a simple routine case or at times can be a very complex matter. Your goal is to handle all types of personal injury lawyer cases. These attorneys are able to get the best compensation for your case in the end. Personal injury cases run the gamut from run-of-the-mill car accidents to more work-related accidents. If this injury is the..

  • Methods to treat gambling addiction


    It is said that prevention is better than a cure, but sometimes curing is a better option than completely losing oneself. There are many ways to treat gambling addiction. Although they are similar to those methods that can be applied before getting addicted, their nature is more aggressive and stringent. The affected person can join a support group, get individual counseling, use self-help books, and work with help from his peers and so much more.

    But the most important way of treating addiction is firmly convincing yourself that you have to get rid of it with conviction enough to take care of two or more people. A major change in lifestyle is required. Joining a support group: many support groups are available now such as gamblers anonymous. Gamblers anonymous has a 12 step program to eradicate addiction completely. Individual counseling: cognitive behavioral therapy works wonders and reduces the symptoms and urged related to gambling.

    Self-help: surfing the Internet, finding online remedies, home remedies and solutions and stories similar to your own case. Taking as much knowledge as you can and then applying it all by yourself. Peer groups: joining a group that has people very similar to yourself, which increases the chances of interaction and exchange of information. Set deadlines: if you give yourself ultimatums you will work hard to achieve those, but do not put too much pressure on yourself.

    Feel good: if you feel good about yourself, you will like this feeling and might as well work harder to keep it forever. Set a prize: everyone works better if they know they will get something at the end. Stay away from triggers: do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or any other emotional pr physical situations that might trigger your gambling hormones. Now days certain drugs are available and are prescribed to compulsive gamblers such as anti seizure medication Carbamazepine, topiramate, mood stabilizers like lithium, naltrexone and anti depressants like clomipramine and fluvoxamine.

    If the probability of you being a gambler addict is high you should follow the below measures:

    - Tell yourself that you need to quit. Make yourself believe it and repeat it to yourself every morning at a certain predetermined time. That way your biological clock will get used to you performing this and even if you forget, the thought will pop into your head.
    - Tell a family member about it and ask for their help and support and patience and love.
    - Call your financial advisor and check for any major losses in betting. If yes, do not forget these losses and jot them down.
    - Make a list of pros and cons of betting and go through it every day.
    - Surf the Internet and read as much as you can to support your decision.
    - Let someone else take care of your bank accounts. Think of yourself as having no money to spend at all.
    - Physically, emotionally and psychologically control your urges to gamble.
    - Join a support group like gamblers anonymous or seek counseling.
    - Keep track of your progress.
    - Take up a hobby and substitute it in place of gambling.
    - Convince yourself completely everyday and stand up against yourself.
    - Motivate yourself and keep yourself strong-willed.

  • Dealing With Girls With Small Boobies

    It’s been a long time since I asked a question on these forums. I am not really bothered about this problem, but it has happened to me three or four times this year. Say, I’m with a new girl. I have picked her up at a night club and we went to my house the same night. Or maybe I picked her up during the Day and we went later to my or her house. We are enjoying ourselves on the bed and getting undressed. And one of these things happens:
    1) I try to undress her and she stops me when I want to take off her shirt or bra. She says “We are not having sex tonight”.
    2) We are both undressed and naked. She says “We are not having sex tonight” or something similar.
    What’s the deal? Does anyone know an explanation? 
    We only know each other for quite a short time, and I know that there might not be enough trust or something. Could someone who has actually been in situations like that answer the question?
    The reason why I say that explicitly is because I asked some PUers from my local lair and what happened was that they started to put up theories instead of speaking from their own experiences. One of those guys even said “You should have used some pretext like ‘Let’s get some food at your place’ and she would have slept with you”. I think she is insecure about her breast enhancement. You can learn more at http://breast-pills4u.com/natural-breast-enlargement/.
    Oh god this always happens to me. I am always thinking “Not this crap again.” There seems to be no correlation to her saying this and whether or not we actually have sex. Sometimes I wonder if they are just trying to convince themselves not to do it.
    I have noticed that typically the less time you have spent with them, the more resistance you will get. Learn about boosting your cup size at http://mikesthoughts.drupalgardens.com/content/my-vitamins-breast-enhancement and http://sundowndivers.org/?p=10.
    I just handle it by waiting it out. Most girls give it up really fast. Usually if I have the patience to fool around 3-4 times with they will give it up.
    I have never had a ONS. To all the guys out there that are able to pull it off, congrats. Maybe I can’t find girls that are slutty enough. Maybe I just need to plow more I don’t know. Hope this helps. You’re not the only one!!
    You have to be explicit with your intent imo. You have to let her know that you are interested in her in a sexual way. Whether you are very blunt with your desires and needs, or go about in a more roundabout way, she has to know, YOU WANT IT and YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE IT. Don’t be afraid of expressing your desires as a man in a confident and attractive manner.
    As Pate says, her resistance could be a shit test. I go about it by simply putting up a sexual barrier or talking sexual like of course we’re not having sex…I wouldn’t want you to get dripping WET just by thinking about all the naughty things I’m going to do to you.” The key is to convey your sexuality and fun side without being outcome dependent on sex. Own your frame and let her know, hey, if you’re going to hang with me, we’re going to fuck. Keep this mindset in mind.

  • Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes Compared To Tobacco Cigarettes

    In the last decade or so, the popularity of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) has been growing quite fast. This is evident from the increasing brands in the market, many reviews, and also increased competition in the market. The cigarette comes in terms such as e-cig, vape pen, and smokeless cigarette amongst other names. People are making a switch from the traditional tobacco cigarette in favor of e-cigs due to the following health benefits:

    No Smoke

    E-cigarettes are also known as smokeless cigarettes. This is attributed to the fact that no smoke is produced when smoking the cigarette. It is a known fact that smoke from tobacco cigarettes is quite harmful and will affect both smokers as well people near the person smoking. Using a vaporizer like the Silver Surfer vape you won’t have to worry about that. The smoke usually leads to respiratory ailments, cardiac conditions, addiction and much more. Such drawbacks are not experienced when smoking an e-cig.

    No Tar

    Tobacco cigarettes cause diseases such as cancer, respiratory tract ailments, heart diseases and much more. The main cause for this is tar which is a chemical compound produced when tobacco is burned and the smoke inhaled. Over the years, it covers the internal organs thus making them inelastic. This interferes with the body’s way of working thus leading ailments. Electronic cigarettes do not produce any tar; therefore, a smoker is not under risk of such ailments.

    Stop Smoking

    Usually, people smoke cigarette out of habit. However, e-cigarettes are used by many people as a way of stopping to smoke. A smoker intending to cease smoking only needs to alter the e-liquid (e-juice). He may either introduce a non-nicotine based solution, or decrease the intensity of the vapor. Over time, a smoker will be smoking less and will eventually stop smoking.

    No Nicotine

    Unlike the ordinary tobacco cigarette, the contents of the e-juice can be varied as per the customer’s desire. By choosing a liquid that has no nicotine, a smoker is less likely to be addicted to smoking. Also, the absence of tobacco smell doesn’t encourage a person to smoke.

    The above health benefits clearly demonstrate why the vape-pen is a favourite choice for many smokers. In fact, according to statistics, the e-cig has changed the worldview of smoking. However, in order to enjoy the maximum benefits, a user needs to go for reputable and quality brands. This entails reading reviews, researching on the benefits, and also going for household brands. In so doing, a user is not only guaranteed of quality electronic cigarettes, but a good smoking experience as well.

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