Business, politics and technology don’t work independently anymore. In fact, they are interlinked in such a way as they seldom appear without one or another by their side.

Our aim, indeed our passion is to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the world of technology, of business and of politics so that not only do you stand out as the knowledgeable one at dinner parties; you will be able to use your knowledge to further advance your own career and interests.

It is easy to be flippant however the old adage “Knowledge is Power” isn’t too far off the mark. The expansion of the internet into our daily lives, into our homes, our work and nowadays wherever we take our phones means that anyone anywhere has access to a vast array of information and that they are able to send information to thousands with just a few clicks.

Democracy dictates that the government listens (at least a little) to the people and with the wonder of the internet people of all backgrounds now have a voice. We look forward to reporting back on how technology and your voice are affecting the way that the country is being run.

Big business and technology of course also work hand in hand these days. The faster you can send and receive information, the better your work or your proposals look and the quicker you can get your hands on your money, the more successful your business will be. If you understand latest business legislation and are up to date with current technological advances then the sky is the limit.

Best of all, we do the research for you, bringing you up to date news and data so that you may keep your finger on the pulse without having to scour the internet or the newspapers day after day.