• High Blood Pressure Leading Cause Of Stroke Worldwide

    A new study conducted by 22 countries worldwide has found that high blood pressure, along with smoking, are the biggest risk factors for a stroke. Using data from 6,000 people – 3,000 patients who had suffered a first and 3,000 controls – from 22 countries around the world, including countries in North America, South America, Asian, Africa, and Australia. This study was the first phase in a two phase study called INTERSTROKE, with the second phase looking at 20,000 patients from 27 countries.

    High blood pressure has been known to be the leading cause of stroke in Europe and North America. The new study shows that high blood pressure is also the biggest cause of stroke elsewhere around the world, such as India and China. The study found that high blood pressure increased the chances of a stroke by 2 and half times, while the second high factor – smoking – doubled the chances. 1/3 of all the strokes recorded were associated with high blood pressure, while 1/5 were linked to smoking. The Top 5 risk factors for stroke high blood pressure, smoking, waist to hip ratio (a measure of abdominal obesity), the daily intake of fruits and vegetables, and physical activity – these top 5 factors accounted for 80% of the total stroke risk. Other factors in the top 10 included diabetes, stress, heart disorders, the ratio of bad to good blood lipids (fats), alcohol intake, stress and depression – all contributing to 90% of stroke risk.

    The study shows that high blood pressure is the leading risk factor in stroke around the world, not just in Europe and North America. According to Dr. Martin J. O’Donnell, with the Population Health Research Institute at Canada’s McMaster University, “they are important risk factors everywhere.” O’Donnell stated that the results are a great way to layout new health policies that can be aimed at helping reduce strokes. Strokes are the second leading cause of death throughout the world.

    High blood pressure, which can easily be screened, can be treated with prescription medicines. The study helps solidify the need for more awareness and focus attributed to high blood pressure worldwide. On top of prescription medicine, there are several natural ways to lower high blood pressure, including ion eXtra, that can naturally lower high blood pressure. Once a person is diagnosed to high blood pressure, it would then become mandatory to have Omron BP785 BP monitor or any other similar BP monitor which gives reliable blood pressure readings and helps keep check on high blood pressure.